Air Conditioner Clean & Checks are very important to maintain a long, good quality of life to the unit itself, along with adding proper energy savings to you, the homeowner. It is very important, especially during Spring or the beginning of Summer that you take care of your unit outside.
The temperature outside and weather conditions truly have bearing on when a proper clean and check can be done. Cleaning off pollen and debris that might have stuck to the grill, is a specialty our service technicians take pride in along with making sure you have a proper charge on your unit. Proper charge is making sure the unit is not working too hard and drawing too much electricity causing higher electric bills.
Not only, is it important to have your unit cleaned and checked annually but it is important to make sure your unit is properly sized to the current space you are living in.  If you add an addition on to your home, it is very important to connect us and make sure a proper load calculation is done.  Woodstock Heating & Cooling employees and staff have a wonderful annual service plan available, please contact the office for more details.