It’s Not Too Late…

It’s not too late to get a furnace clean and check done! It may not be freezing but it is still cold outside and most of us run our heaters into May or early June.  We are getting a lot of no heat calls lately that could have been prevented by having the annual maintenance done. So give us a call and schedule yours today! (815) 338-0282 Eric Iversen Owner/Operator/Technician

Why Service Your Air Conditioning Unit….

Air Conditioner Clean & Checks are very important to maintain a long, good quality of life to the unit itself, along with adding proper energy savings to you, the homeowner. It is very important, especially during Spring or the beginning of Summer that you take care of your unit outside. The temperature outside and weather conditions truly have bearing on when a proper clean and check can be done. Cleaning off pollen and debris that might have stuck to the grill,


We have been a Lennox dealer for 84 years. We continue to be a Lennox dealer because of their high standards, constant innovations, continued education for their dealers and they stand behind their products. Their high quality, reasonably priced equipment allows us to be competitively priced on new installations and service. When dealing with Lennox we deal with the manufacture directly, not a wholesaler. This helps keep costs down, allowing our customers the best products at great pricing. Click Here >>